Juno’s Contact Info

Juno requests you come by the office with treats & belly rubs

Juno is the official CORE Finance Group mascot. Juno is three years old and works tirelessly to keep the office culture alive. In fact, she’s been named employee of the month a record 36 months in a row! Most of the time she can be found on her dog bed napping the day away or waiting for someone to give her belly rubs. Occasionally she will get a whiff of someone’s lunch and investigate whether or not they need help eating it – or just choose to steal a bite or two when they aren’t looking. She might even meet you at the office door if you’re really lucky.

Outside of her hard work at CORE, Juno enjoys hanging out with her human siblings and her little fluff ball sibling, Coco. 


The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc.

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Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: (303) 770-2262
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